December 31, 2019

Latin American Completeness Scholarship Program

This school financial aid covers for the payment of travel, accommodation, maintenance and reduction in the cost of tuition.

The Latin American Completeness Scholarship Program is aimed Doctors, Doctoral students, Graduates, Postgraduates, University staff, Researchers, Lecturers, Pregraduates, others.


Students who wish to apply for a scholarship, MUST FORMALIZE THEIR SCHOLARSHIP ON THE ONLINE REGISTRATION WEB OF THE GENERAL FOUNDATION OF THE COMPLUTENSE UNIVERSITY OF MADRID, attach the requested documentation and pay the tuition.


Tuition Assistance:

  • Rigorous order of receipt of applications, as long as the student meets the profile of entry to the course.

Accommodation and travel aid:

  • People who have not received one or the other in previous editions will have priority in granting these grants.
  • Curricular merits
  • Aid distribution by courses.
  • Order of receipt of the request.

Tuition assistance:  intended to subsidize a part of the total tuition amount. There are three classes:

  • 75% reduction  in the price of the same for students, professors and administration and services staff of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and the Universities that have been Headquarters of the ECL in Argentina in previous editions: University National de Córdoba (UNC), National University of La Plata (UNLP) and National University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF).

Final registration fee: € 50

  • 50% reduction in the price of the same for students, professors and administration and services staff of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), as well as professionals and students of other Argentine universities provided they are residents in the country .

Final registration fee: € 100

  • Reduction of 30% for other people.

Final registration fee: € 140

*The student resident in Argentina has the option to formalize the registration and make the payment of the course in euros on our website, by card, or you can do it in Argentine pesos following the instructions in the registration section.

Tuition price in Argentine pesos:

  • UBA, UNTREF, UNC and UNLP students: $3,500.
  • Professionals and students of other Argentine Universities who are residents in Argentina: $ 7,000.
  • Accommodation aid: 50 aid available to subsidize accommodation in a hotel selected by the Organization *.
  • Recipients: students residing outside the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

*The stay will cover exclusively from Sunday, March 8 until Saturday, March 21, 2020 (13 nights). The place of accommodation will be the Concord Callao apartment or the IQ Callao  

Displacement aid: 20 aid available to subsidize up to a maximum of € 400 for the student’s displacement, from their place of residence to the place of celebration of the School. If the displacement has a price lower than those 400 euros, that lower price will be the amount of the aid.

  • Recipients: students residing outside the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Once communicated by email the granting of travel assistance, it will be necessary for the beneficiary of the same to send us, for processing, the following documentation:
  • Copy of the ticket or electronic ticket.
  • Bill Invoice

If you travel by plane, it will be essential that the boarding pass / s be handed over to us, on the first day of class, at the ECL Coordination Office, which will be located at the same place where the courses are held.

Destination country: Argentina

Term of scholarship: TWO WEEKS

Amount: € 150 , € 100 , € 200 , € 400 , € 60

What does the scholarship include? Economic amount , Maintenance , Accommodation , Tuition fees , Transport

Number of scholarships offered: 680

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