October 31, 2018

Dynamic Programming Online Course for Free

A free online course on dynamic programming is being offered by the University of California. The dynamic programming online education is about the applications in Machine Learning and Genomics. Interested students must be knowledgeable with at least one programming like on the loops, arrays, recursion and mathematics, stacks, proof of contradiction or proof of induction.

Online education will be taken for four weeks, this is an annual free online classes and will start every October. Online classes will be 8 to 10 hours per week, all classes will be taught in the English language. On this online course the students will also be learn about the dynamically transform and Hidden Markov Models that can be used for comparing the genetic strings and the uncover evolution.

The UC San Diego University of California is a young university which also offers an online education and has mark nationally and internationally. Ranked as #15 on top universities worldwide, the university also adds up a culture of collaboration that will expand and advances the society to discover and drives the economy impact. The online classes’ first part is the Algorithms and Data Structure Micro Master’s program, dynamic programming paradigm will be discovered on how it can be used to fix a different questions regarding about pairing wise and the multiple string comparison in order to solve and discover the evolutionary history.

Upon taking this course, it will take part on the second part which is by using the Hidden Markov Model, this is a powerful machine learning that can dig deep and finding the relationship between the less obvious related sequences, in the area of mutating HIV genome. Another important part of this course is the Machine Learning in the sequence alignment, how to discover the sequence of the events given to the collection of limited information and outcomes.

Please keep in mind that all students who want to add a Verified Certificate after the online course can pay $150. The Verified Certificates is an honor code of achievements. As an extraordinary course, this requires commitment and time. This implies a step by step approach guides to students by implementing their selves to Algorithms.

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  • Iam mitiku alemu from ethiopia i have graduated from hawassa university BA degree by business management in 2014.now iam interested to learn MA degree in business adminisration or buseness management and related programs in your university if you are willing to grant me scholarship opportunity

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