October 30, 2018

Female students over 30 can pay for college with this $2,500 scholarship

Not every student going to college today has the typical college-going age. With the advent of distance learning which has now morphed into online education, many non-traditional students have taken the plunge they never thought they will and applied for a degree with an online college.

Online college classes are widely available these days, and non-traditional students are taking advantage of that at full force. And scholarships supporting their courageous endeavors have started to pop-up too.

It’s no secret that college is very expensive today, and distance learning is not really the exception here. While some online college classes might be a bit more affordable than on-campus one, not all are.

Actually, most online college programs are offered at fees comparable to the ones available at traditional universities. Which is why there are many distance learning students out there that are in dire need of funding. Especially non-traditional students.

Even if you have a job, it’s highly unlikely that your income will be able to cover the high fees of your online college program. Which is why you will probably need help. And scholarship programs can get you the help you need.

Start searching for grants and use your unique qualities when doing so. For example, if you’re a single mother who is studying with an education degree, make sure you include that in your search. It will narrow down some scholarships for you and maximize your chances of getting funding.

There are many general scholarships that you could apply for, but you should also try digging out those that are targeting students just like you. For example, if you’re over 30, you should, of course try and see if there are any funding programs available for so-called mature students.

Below you’ll find an example of exactly what we mean. It’s called the Worthy Women’s Professional Studies Scholarship and as the title indicates it’s open for female applicants who are in need of financial help to pay for their studies.

Note that you have to be over 30 in order to apply and be an undergraduate or graduate student at the moment of applying.

In order to apply, eligible candidates must fill out the application form on the Worthy.com website, as well as write a creative essay based on one three major topics that are to be found on the scholarship’s page.

For example, you could try answering the following question in your article:

In what ways going back to school will empower you to make a positive impact in your community?”

Keep in mind that the essay must be between 300 to 500 words.

The Scholarship program awards three prizes. The first one is worth $2,500, the second one $1,500, and the third one $1,000.

Interested parties have until November 26, 2018 to apply for the grant. All documents have to submitted online.

So if you’re a woman over 30 who is trying to pay for her online college classes, you should definitely take a look at this scholarship right here. It’s quite easy to apply-to, compared to other funding programs out there.


82 Comment on “Female students over 30 can pay for college with this $2,500 scholarship”

  • Hello please I need a scholarship to study telecomunication engineering. I am a current student in college of technology university of Bues based in Cameroon.

  • Hello please I wish to be offered a scholarship to study data communication. I am a current student in the college of Technology university of Buea based in Cameroon . Thank you for your offer

  • Hi
    I need scholarship for me to study Masters of Sociology at any University. I did my Bachelors Degree at Mzuzu University and graduated in the year 2014.
    I am a Malawian, married and currently working with the Malawi police Service as a Traffic Police Officer.

  • hello am by names of Kwagala Penina, i need a scholarship, to pursue my education, I was doing a bachelor of tourism at international university of east Africa in Uganda but now I requested for dead semester due to lack of tuition, I will be very grateful if you grant me that scholarship, Thanks

  • Hi am Mathew from Kenya currently pursuing Bachelor of commerce accounting option at kirinyaga university and I request for funds to support my education.. will be greatful if you consider my request

  • hello! I am Janet from Rwanda I have bachelor\’s degree in applied mathematics I need a financial support to do masters of mathematics or statistics. please help me if it is possible.

  • Hello I\’m Aisha from Uganda please I need a scholarship to do masters in public health.
    I will be so humbled if considered.


  • Hello I am Nisganaw Rarko from Ethiopia graduated Bsc degree by physics in 2017 at Debretabor University so l want to do master by physics please contact me 0939257444

  • i am Joy N Adediji from Nigeria, currently living in South Africa. i am a bio-medical student of UNISA.
    i am doing this course because i have passion for it and i want to help the less privilege and impact my community. i want to help the needy mostly in the area of health. Please sir/ma, i\’m having a big challenge to pay my tuition fees. i need a scholarship to complete my course.
    i will be happy and grateful if i get help

  • Joy N Adediji says:
    November 28, 2018 at 1:05 am
    i am Joy N Adediji from Nigeria, currently living in South Africa. i am a bio-medical student of UNISA.
    i am doing this course because i have passion for it and i want to help the less privilege and impact my community. i want to help the needy mostly in the area of health. Please sir/ma, i am having a big challenge to pay my tuition fees. i need a scholarship to complete my course.
    i will be happy and grateful if i get help

  • My name is daniel confidence i am from nigeria please i need schoolarship to study in canada i will be very very haapy….this is my number 08082405147 please help me ma/sir

  • HI..Am Elizabeth from Ghana…I need a full scholarship for system engineering /Networking in Degree. ….Reading this course is much important to me……PLEASE help me to achieve my dream….THANKS .

  • Hallo am James Otieno Odira.Kenyan citizen by birth pursuing diploma in civil engineering . i need full scholarship to fulfill my dream tour contribution dully accepted

  • Hello, My name is Clotilda Claudia Harry, age 45years old, graduated in diploma in leadership and Management/Diploma in small Business management( entrpeurnourship and Innovations). need to do dual programmes at sout Australia University/or in Qeenland University. need a full time 3 years programme to study this dual degree programme at less cost. Please secure me a schorlship. specializing as well in behavioral science( Psychology/counselling.

    Please help me with an application form.


    Clotilda Claudia Harry

  • Am shamiso kowo from zambia i need full scholarship to do a Dipoma in Agriculture science.Thank you and my contact : +26096995460

  • I am Denis fro Uganda and I need scholarship to d a bachelors degree in education in makerer university some one gibe me a hand

  • Bonjour,je me nomme Diawara
    Jai besoin d\’une bourse afin d\’avoir un diplome a l\’etranger et augmenter mon savoir dans le domaine de la technique audiovisuel .merci

  • Hi Sir,

    I\’m here again ,please help me with an application form and procedures for selection criterias. My email address is charry2rsipf.gov.sb.

    I need funding to do MBA at Queensland University in Australia.

    Clotilda Claudia Harry
    From Solomon Islands

  • Hi all..I\’m Fatma from Oman..I want full scholarship to study master in transalion -English in Oman..please help me ..

  • hi am Naomi Esinam and i need a scholarship to study Tourism and get to travel around the world for hospitality management and also travel ad tourism

  • My name is Clotilda Claudia harry from Solomon islands. a single mother of 3 kids, serving law enforcement in middle management for people management(Human Resources), 13 years on job experience
    sir, time already due for scholarship 2018?. Can I have a scholarship offer for year 2020 to 2021 to do graduate diploma in leadership and management abroad in pacific or Europe my dreams for further studies.

    I need a full scholarship for traditional schools, college University or distance learning be best.

    hear from yous again, thanks in advance

    Ms. Clotilda Claudia Harry

  • hey am wafula brian from uganda currently pursuing in barchlor of arts with education at kampala international university i will be glade for your offer thanks


  • Hello,am Evans Baraka Ngala,an orphan from Kenya requesting for bursary to undertake a bachelor\’s degree in Early child Education at Mt Kenya University

  • Hello there,

    I am Francis Barnaba, paternal uncle to Josephine Angelo, a South Sudanese. I am the guardian of Josephine. I am a Catholic Priest from South Sudan, but currently working in Tanzania.
    Please, I am appealing to your good will and generous consideration! Josephine is an orphan. She is 24 years old. She finished her Secondary School in 2016, from Juba, Technical School. She performed very highly, in her National Examinations, in Technical subjects, which included:
    1. Workshop/Practicum = 79%
    2. Building = 95%
    3. Civil Engineering = 85%
    4. Physics = 78%
    5. Additional Mathematics = 58%
    Now, currently, there are no Technical Colleges or Institutions in South Sudan. So, I was advised to take her to Uganda, where there are a number Technical Institutes and Colleges. I was in Uganda, in February, 2019, to go and find out an institution or College, where they can admit this young lady. I found a number of Colleges, including Universities. Now, the only problem I face, is the issue of Scholarship or sponsorship! I have no means of supporting her financially, because I am a priest! I do not have money!
    Therefore, I writing to you, if you could consider supporting this girl, with a scholarship! Thank you very much!

    Josephine is my niece. She lost her father during the war in South Sudan. I am her guardian. She has 3 more younger siblings, whom I am also trying to support. But because of my status, I can only do very little, especially, in terms of their education! If you could support for me Josephine, even the heavens will count your good deeds! I wish you all a happy and blessed Easter!

    Fr. Francis Lado

  • hello lam faith from kenya,I would like to upgrade to diploma level in ecotourism and hospitality management, I really need a scholarship to enable me advance to the highest levelthank you

  • Hello my name is Stella Jeffrey and I\’m from Papua New Guinea.i completed my diploma in accounting and I need scholarship to study abroad,please assist me.
    Thank you.

  • my name is mamsamba kolley i want to further my education but i dint have the money, please help

  • I am currently a student and studying insurance, I really need that scholarship in order for me to continue with my study.

  • i am currently a work ethiopia commodity exchange authority so when a get chance to study masters program by Logistics and supply chain management.

  • I am Evah mula from South Africa, I\’m currently not working my contract just end at work. I will like to go back to school and do my degree I have no one to help me in my family to pay for my fees please assist me.
    Degree in social Work

  • Hello! I am Evis from Zimbabwe I have bachelor\\’s degree in Business Management I need a financial support to do masters of MBA. Please help me .

  • Hello, my name is Tiwi, I live in Indonesia. I want to achieve my dreams by continuing my studies abroad. I want to get a scholarship in the fields of health and medicine or computers and IT. Please help me to get the scholarship

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