October 30, 2018

€18000 Refugee Scholarship at Graduate Institute, for Master Degree Programs

Students who have a refugee status in Switzerland and want to pursue a postgraduate education, can apply for a master degree and for scholarships at the Graduate Institute. Graduate Institute, in Geneva, is a postgraduate institution focusing on world affair studies, like international relations and development. As such, the institute is willing to encourage talented international students from anywhere in the world. And as the migratory crisis increases, the institute offers scholarships dedicated to refugees interested in master degree programs.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, students must apply for a master degree program at the institute and they must have a Swiss refugee status or a provisional admission for foreigners status. Candidates must provide the university with a letter from the Government, confirming their refugee status and they must be residents in Switzerland. The scholarship is only available for new students who have been accepted in a master or Phd program degree.

The requirement for being admitted to a master degree is having a bachelor degree in social sciences. The requirement for a Phd degree program is a master degree in social sciences. Students must also meet the language criteria of the institute. In order to apply for this scholarship, candidates must mention in their letter of motivation the fact that they apply for the Geneva Refugee Scholarship. The candidates will be selected based on their academic result, letter or motivation, references and financial need. The Refugee Scholarship is a full scholarship, of 20000CHF or approximately €18000, a sum that can cover the living expenses of the student.

The deadline for application is 15 January 2019. Read everything you need to know about this scholarship on the institute’s website.

Postgraduate degree programs are an important step in your education, but they can also be expensive. If you are eligible for a refugee scholarship, it is a good idea to apply for it. If you are not eligible or you do not receive a scholarship, you can turn your attention to university online degrees. Distance learning degrees are less expensive and are perfect for students who have to work while studying. Plus, many university online degrees come with the possibility of applying for scholarships also, which usually consist of tuition fees discounts. Distance learning degrees from accredited online universities are just as valuable as traditional degrees. So there are not so many reasons not to pay attention to this alternative. This is why online education is becoming more and more popular.

95 Comment on “€18000 Refugee Scholarship at Graduate Institute, for Master Degree Programs”

  • This is agood idiear to scholership to learn univerts
    I will be learn if they eccebt me and a will sey thanks
    Thanks every day and every night

  • Assalamualikum my name is Nazir Muhammad. My district is swat and I held addmission in Bs Botany in islamia clg university peshawar .it\’s 1 semester fee is 31000 and hostal per month fee is 8500. So I pay it with many difficult due some homely problems . And say that if fix a scholarshipe for me that I continue my education with freedom. I will pay to you of your this great kindness. Ok thanks . Alot off.

  • Hello this is wondiwosen from Addis Ababa Ethiopia i have BA degree in Accounting and finance from Rift Vally University,i have great intrest to join these shcolarship

  • I have always been dreaming about a scholarship grant after high school but then I was able to have funding from family members to pursue a first degree which I already have but the problem is masters degree and that is very expensive and I cannot afford it now. I would be very happy if I get the opportunity to pursue a masters degree.

  • Dear Sir,
    I am about to send my complete application form to the University of London for an MA degree in Refugees Protection and Forced Migration Studies. I need this scholarship to carry my study project.
    Best regards
    Kouami AKAKPO

  • ना चाँद चाहिए ना फलक चाहिए मुझे सिर्फ तुम्हारी झलक चाहिए 😍💝😘

  • खुद जलकर‌ दुनिया को‌ रोशन‌ कर‌ दूँ वो दीया हूँ मैं …दुनिया से लड़कर ‌ तेरे आगे झुक जाऊँ वो‌ अलबेला‌ पिया हूँ मैं 😘😘

  • ये काजल ये खुली-खुली जुल्फें तुम यूँ ही जान माँग लेती इतना इंतजाम क्यूँ किया ??😍 😍

  • My Name is David M Rumwaropen. I come from Indonesia. I grateful thanks if have chance to find Master Degree Program with your best Program

  • Hi my name is Alvin JJ weah I am a Liberian from liberia and a high school graduate and I am a guy who is in search of a scholarship and I think with the help of this schorlaship I can be able to attain quality education and I am from a family in which one cannot afford a thousand of dollars and I really want to continue my education please help me obtain this scholarship and attain quality education.
    Thanks for the understanding and in case of any further information please contact me at+231775417603

  • Hello, my name is Ssekiranda Henry from Uganda currently a graduate of bachelor of science in Engineering. I need to study a Masters Degree in structural engineering and therefore so much interested in a scholarship. I look forward to hear from You and I will be so glad.
    my contact is +256780966046

  • I am a south Sudanese refugee in rhinocamp refugee settlement in West Nile nothern Uganda I would be very grateful if you could offer to me this scholarship

  • Am a Ugandan..I need a scholarship to continue with my education..I want to do bachelor in medecine…I appreciate your offer in advance

  • Am a Ethiopian..I need a scholarship to continue my education..I want to do bachelor in agriculture faculty by soil resource and watershed management.. I appreciate your offer in advance.

  • my name is daniel teshale live in ethiopia i have diploma in animal science so i want to bsc degree in related field please help me I appreciate your offer in advance.

  • Hi sir/maadam
    my name is Julitha kidazu from Tanzania.l wish to study masters of pediatric so as can manage to treat children who suffering for various diseases. please help me to get scholarship to fulfill my dream. thanks to advance

  • I am a Cameroonian from Bamenda one of the hard hit with arm conflict.I am a nurse by profession.With bachelor degree as my qualification.
    I wish if given opportunity to study masters in PUBLIC HEALTH option Community Health.
    i am presently in Catholic University of Central Africa but due to above mentioned problem my tuition fees is a big problem

  • I\’m a pastor serving in a rural parish
    , I would like to pursue degree in theology, and I don\’t have the money, I\’m seeking for school fees support.

  • I want to take admission in BS mathematics but unfortunately I have very weak financial background so I can\’t afford any fee etc .

  • Am 24 year old student from makerere university Kampala finalizing with a bachelors degree in mathematics and statistics. I would like to proceed to masters in pure mathematics(arithmetic geometry) since this is where all my interest and ability is! So am kindly seeking for a scholarship. Thank u

  • I am a 20 year old student from the University of Nairobi.I come from a humble background and I surely cannot afford to finance my education. I am currently in my first year and I request that you kindly consider me for the scholarship in order to complete my studies.My contacts is +254795160493.Thank you

  • i need scholarship for master degree but i come from Nigeria how come would that happen and how to go about it

  • Sir/madam,I am astudent of Begum Rokeya University.I have financial problem.so I need this scholarship please.

  • Bonjour,
    Je m\’appelle Bernard BUTISI, Licencié Agrégé en Physique . J\’ai toujours l\’envie de continuer mes études en Master.Mais, j\’ai un problème de moyens pour payer les frais scolaires.pourriez-vous m\’aider à trouver un projet qui finance les études de Master ?

  • It would be a great opportunity for me to get scholarship at Master\’s level.Since I cannot afford to pay it for myself.

  • i am currently at university but am struggling to find bursary i wanna know if it is on the cards for you to help me financial. am doing social sciences with political sciences first degree in south africa at north west university.i received your emails saying that am selected meaning i got scholarship.so i wanna khow whats the second step after here . will it be possible to get fund from your even though am stadying in south africa ?.

  • Am Stanley Gondwe an African from Zambia. Have passed my grade twelve exams but am having financial problems for me to go to college so am highly asking for financial support . your quick response will be appreciated.

  • I am 26years old in cameroon. studied Management at the degree level and presently now i have no money to further my education. i will be very grateful i am taken in this scholarship to further my education

  • I need a scholarship To study international law please help in bachelor\’s degree please help me

  • Really! If I\’ll have chance to study abroad,I\’ll be luckiest person in my life… I\’m 35 but my knowledge younger than my age. Scholarship is dream for me
    Anyway Thanks for getting chance to show my feeling..

  • I\’m glad to see your announcement, I\’m a university graduate and I\’m looking to free scholarship for my master in communication and fluently english.
    Best regards

  • am in need of tuition to persue my dream course sir can you help to with tuition to study social science

  • hello am Emmanuel mutua kimanga am from Kenya for more information contact 0768524016 am joining campus this year 2019 at jkuat and am not able to pay for my school fees please I need your schorlaship

  • my name is Kadir SHamil l\’m BA,degree in cooperative
    now I want to get this opportunity to serve societies by my profession!

  • I\’m thankful for this Scholaship information BUT cannot claim or eligible as my country Solomon islands not declare a refugee country but a commondwealth country of the Solomon Islands.

    Please find me a Scholaship for commondwealth country to study at Geneva University for bachelors of Business and commerce( leadership and management) to masters degree.

    if I have a chance to study in Geneva University, my dreams come true as history in my lifetime.

    Please assist and help me find a full Scholaship to study at Geneva University as above briefed.

    Thank you very much.

  • I seriously need a scholarship in data analysis to back up my bachelor degree in applied statistics. kindly contact me

  • I am working in the Game reserve as Wildlife officer, but I real want to expand my knowledge. Indeed sponsor to study Biological science in Australia.

  • I am a holder of animal science degree, I wish to do my master abroad. Please I need a scholarship.

  • Hi, am precious Mungu from Cameroon,I wish to sturdy at the all saint university of medicine but cannot follow my dreams due to lack of finance .If I happen to get help from you I\’ll be really grateful because it is really my dream of becoming s medical doctor.

  • My name is Elimus sikapizye from Zambia. my main objective about posting this comment is because I am in need of a university scholarship. your positive response will be greatly appreciated.

  • I am Mr Dickson Okel Ebulu residing in the Republic of the Gambia, a Nigerian born.I had my diploma majoring in IMIS
    and just a licentiate in the year2000 and since then it was difficult for me to access further educational level.I need your scholarship awards to help me in my quest for degree level in computer science. Thank you.

  • i really need this offer,as i always dream to get a scholarship i need to study study management and administration please help me I\’m in need
    your faithfully

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