October 29, 2018

$7000 Online College MBA Scholarships

Online College MBA Scholarships at the Durham University Business School is for all UK and International students. Founded by an Act of Parliament in 1832 the Durham University is a public research in Durham, North East England. Deciding to pursue an MBA online course is a big financial commitment however you don’t need to face all of it to your own. Lots of scholarship and fellowship, online universities, help business college students cover the price of an MBA application. Most MBA scholarships are college-particular, which means they’re most effective open to college students who’ve been admitted to a college’s MBA application. However there also are scholarships that aren’t tied to a selected business college.

The Durham University Business School offers a scholarship through online education which the MBA online course amounting up to $7000. Online education for the MBA course is a big benefits for working students, parents, and those who have disability and still want to pursue their studies through selected online universities.

The Durham University Business School will be accepting TOEFL iBT, IELTS, Cambridge proficiency CPE, Cambridge advance CAE, and the PTE Pearson Test of English as the academic English language preferred proficiency test. The students must be holding an offer of the MBA online course, can contribute an outstanding experience, an impressive academic merit or record. Students that can also provide a background diversity to the MBA group. You can also prove that you will be a successful ambassador for the school, a self-funded students.

Show your relevant work experience at least a minimum of three to five years, an upper second class bachelor’s degree. The applicants may be automatically considered and there is no separate application needed to apply for this program. Please do keep in mind that to complete the application you will also have to submit some necessary documents needed by the university such as your students CV or a resume with your full details, employments, responsibilities and duties during employment. You may also need a two referral an employer referrals, degree certificate copy and an English Test result copies.

80 Comment on “$7000 Online College MBA Scholarships”

  • Please help me for so much in need of help. For me to see this online I thought is God that want to help through you. As a result of poor background, I am a secondary school. I graduated for years and till now there is no way to futher my education. I always pray to God for help and I thought answered and come to help me throgh you.

  • please help me if there is any chance of full funded scholarship for bachelor degree help me to get it,I\’m waiting for your kindly response, thank you

  • I am highly interested in furthering my studies with your college but i do not have enough money to take me to school. It\’s my hope that you will let me do my studies with your college.

  • Bonjour, Je souhaite faire mes études de master en chimie mais je n\’ai pas de moyen. Votre bourse peut bien me faciliter. Merci

  • I entered the MBA program and went two semesters but dropped because of lack of support. I always want to continue my study but there is no financial support for me in my country. I hope I can benefit from this online scholarship.

  • Thanks for the offer but I wish to tell you that I need full scholarship, not that I will be paying partial fund because the economy of this country in Nigeria ks very tight thanks and I wish to hear from you soon

  • Many thanks for offering me this great opportunity to study on line for Masters in Business Administration. I need full scholar ship since the Economy of Zambia is under going some difficult time. Many of the council employees are not paid for months now. I hope to learn from you soon

  • thanks for offer, i\’m glad to tell you that I need scholarship in software application inorder to develop app that can be used

  • Thanks for the scholarship I wish to be given a full scholarship bcz my country Zambia is going under some difficulties hope to hear from u soon

  • Hello,
    I have an admission to Dackin university for study humanitarian leadership, I need scholarship, can you help me?

  • Hello,
    I really need a scholarship for college because I\’m done with my form 4 in uganda and my results are yet to come out. I hope 🙏 for the best. I hope you can help me

  • Good Day! I am very much enthusiastic about the scholarship, i am a Senior student reading Natural Resources management (NRM) at Cuttington University undergraduate program. I will highly appreciate if you consider me for this Schlorship to come and complete my study.
    thank for the opportunity.

  • I am intersted to further study but I have no money to complete the fellowship to obtain a master in dentistry in ortho

  • Thanks for the email you sent. I\’m a diploma student on computing,Im really intrested in further my education but I have a problem cos by looking at all the scholarships I\’ll have to pay around 15% of the amount of the courses offered as scholarships.. I need full funding cos I\’m really short on cash flow really badly. Hope to here from you soon.

  • Thanks for your informations… i\’m a student who completed the high school last year.. Up to now am at home doing nothing because of lack of money please i need your help if possible …. I need to take a diploma in clinical medicine

  • hellow am a student who completed high school last year with good grades an I want to study a engineering, the only problem is that I have no funds. I need your help

  • if you give me a master degree with full funded scholarship in logistics and supply chain management i am highly lucky to learn in your college

  • If you give me a full funded master scholarship in department of logistics and supply chain management i am the one who is lucky so much.

  • Hi! I am one of the student that really need to study Degree on Business Management Human Resource Organization but I really need help because I have no fund and I need a full funded degree scholarship.

  • hello i Am from africa also in chad please i need this scholarship to contenu My university please i need your help i have 19 year all .and thank you
    God willing

  • hello am from Africa Zimbabwe. I completed my high school with a good results and I also have national certificate on information technology(ICT).I am interested to further study but I have no money to complete my degree.
    I request for the Scholarship to study degree in IT.
    I am really honored to be one of the scholars.
    Thank you so much.

  • I am looking for a fully funded scholarship or 50% funded scholarship.
    I have already got an acceptance letter from University of Manitoba,Canada for August 2019 intake.
    My program is accounting and finance.

  • l am looking for fully funded scholarship, am a university student from Sierra Leone. please help me continue my studies. thank you.

  • I am very interested to study masters in international business and trade . ca you kindly accord me scholarship for this study

  • I have first degree in doctor of veterinary medicine. I want to further my study in the same profession. please give me a chance.

  • I am looking for a fully funded schoolarship, and i want to persue a career in logistics and supply chain management. From Namibia.please help.

  • i am interested please can you send me the university e mail i finish my degree at university of south africa unisa

  • Good morning. I finished high school since last three years with good grades. Pls I would like to apply for scholarship for bachelor degree. Pls can I apply

  • Good morning. I finished high school since last three years with good grades. Pls I would like to apply for scholarship for bachelor degree. Pls how can I apply

  • i express compliments and appreciate you for creating this site as the means of getting an opportunity.
    I am interested in studying abroad not online because the next-work and electricity situation of my country which is a developing nation is; Liberia west Africa is difficult to access when one is not financially capacity, due to the lack of job opportunity. I am wanting to study Teacher Education/Higher Education; Masters program.

  • Thank you for this opportunity.

    I am Hudu Abubakari Samandu from Ghana and I would be grateful if I could get a full scholarship do my masters in abroad

  • I would like to apply for a master degree in archeology at Durham university already I did my certificate in teaching PTC and Higher Teachers Certificate and majored English Language and S.E.S in tesching and later did my Bachelor of Arts in English major and History Minor. My interest is to pursue a master degree in archeology if I can securr a free grantor scholarship.

  • Hi am looking for someone or group of sponsors who can come up and sponsor my school in Uganda Kampala to help the vulnerables achieve their dreams. Mine is a secondary school but still lucks alot, wish you would reach me we talk

  • Hi,

    thanks for Scholaship information and offer.
    studies in leadership and management and entrepurneouship and innovations., Human resources.

    Please secure this for me and send me means of application or registration form.


  • Good day sir/ma, am highly grateful for this opportunity. Am a Nigerian and I need your help in getting this scholarship, am interested in studying abroad but my parents do not have the capacity. Please save a soul and let me study applied Geophysics abroad. please…… thanks

  • i will be very happy if i can recieve this scholarship i wish to study but i dont have money my family is surviving for two childrens grant thanks.

  • Hi! I wish to study through scholarship because
    my family don\’t have ability to pay school fees
    And i have desire to continue my studies thank you.

  • know i am technical assistant in Jimma University so i want to free schollarship by degree in biology course.

  • I am Liberian seeking for free scholarship to advance myself. I have just earn basholor degree in plant and soil sciences with emphasis in Natural Resource management from Cuttington University. I came from a very poor back ground and don\’t have any thing else to go further my education or earn master degree. I lost almost all my immediate family during the Liberian civil war. Thanks!

  • hello sir, Its my wish to study through this scholarship, but am unable to pay school fees, that why i need support from you thank you.

  • Hello,
    Help me to fulfil my dream to study Bachelors Degree in Law, please kindly assist me with full schorlarship,

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