October 24, 2018

cuLearn is offering 22 scholarship for college, each worth $2,018

Online education continues to be a popular study option and remains to the main go-to solution for those who can’t commit to a regular on-campus schedule.

That’s because, a distance learning degree offers a lot of freedom and flexibility. This type of higher education, it’s perfect for people who also have a job, or are busy with other responsibilities like taking care of a child or a family member.

On top of that, online classes give you a wide range of choice. You can enroll with any type of degree from undergraduate to graduate or vocational training. On top of that, you can pursue any type of major you want. Most of them are available in the form of online education. Although those who put an emphasis practical training like architecture might not be offered by online classes provider.

You can take these classes at exclusively online universities or at established, brick-and-mortar institutions that are offering distance learning degree programs.

Additionally, online education is effective in minimizing additional costs such as living expenses or commuting. Since you’ll be studying from your own home, you’ll only have to worry about paying for the fees of your distance learning degree and nothing else.

Being enrolled with online classes also means you’ll get most courses materials for free in digitized form. Say goodbye to paying extra for expensive hardcopies.

On top of allowing you to save big, students of online education also have the option to apply for scholarships in order to supplement their college funds. If you hear otherwise, ignore it.

Those enrolled with online programs can apply for funding and most online colleges today do offer that option.

On top of that, there are plenty of scholarship programs live and waiting for you to apply on the Internet.

Like this grant. It’s called the cuLearn Scholarship Drawing and is available for students who are an undergraduate at the time of the application and 18 years of age or older. Students also need to be a resident of the following states:

  • New York
  • Florida
  • Rhode Island

All you need to do to apply for the grant is to register with the cuLearn website prior to the deadline which is set for November 17, 2018. Additionally, students can score an additional entry by submitting an original blog post.

The original essay needs to be 250 to 500 words in length, and should contain words of wisdom on how to pay for college while avoiding excessive debt. Once done, you need to submit the blog to the following email address info@culearn.org.

cuLearn will award 22 scholarships in 2018 and each one is worth $2,108. So if you too are in need of additional money for college, don’t hesitate to register to apply. If you have a percent for writing, then it’s worth completing the second step to and submitting an essays to double your chances of success.

If you find that you are not eligible for this grant, keep in mind that there are others waiting for you out there. Just search for them.


126 Comment on “cuLearn is offering 22 scholarship for college, each worth $2,018”

  • I am a proud member of my class but due to low income of my family, I can not continue my education.
    I will be very thankful for awarding a scholarship.

  • Am Kut Mach, a south Sudanese by nationality i need to study but due to the situation am living i can\’t effort college fees, so please may you put my request into consideration, thanks

  • My name is Faison Yvonne Leinyuy, am from Cameroon, currently studying at the Catholic University Institute of Buea, Cameroon but am unable to finish my school because of financial difficulties my family is facing at the moment. Please am in need of this scholarship because i want to achieve my goal in life and am unable to afford the means to pay my college fees, am a brilliant student when it comes to studies. Thanks for understanding.

  • I need to continue my BA in psychology but seems difficult in morocco because of one person who would call all responsibles and brainwash them so they dont accept me

  • Hello
    Im looking for an international scholarship for undergraduates to study outside Africa…………i would like to study civil engineering if ill be given this opportunity……………i look forward to your consideration

  • Hello, I am J.Ai-saylee Wisseh from Liberia,a student at the Grand Gedeh county community college reading Divinity. I wish to study abroad,in this light I need your consideration for me to be part of this scholarship.

  • Hi
    I am Ismail Yusuf Digale
    Iam looking for international scholarship to study outside Africa
    I would like to study electrical engineering
    If I will be given this opportunity………..I look forward your consideration

  • Hi,my name is Matthew Moses please I need a scholarship to be able to finish my Bsc program am in my 3rd year in the university presently due to financial problem in my family it is difficult for me to continue muy studies.i will be glad if been considered, thanks

  • Hello,I HAVE DOMINION!!!

  • Hello, I am from Nepal and I want to get my master\’s degree in journalism at a good university with a handsome scholarship. Could you help me find such opportunities?

  • Hello
    I am a Ugandan wish to study abroad but due to financial difficulties am unable to.how can I be helped

  • Hi I\’m George Jallah from Liberia I\’m in search of scholarship to do my master in soil science will you please help me?

  • I am Amos Timothy ujiro from Nigeria, please I am an undergraduate that wants to study mass communication overseas but due to finance I can\’t, please I will be grateful if you can help me.thanks

  • Am constant from Kenya i need to study Internationale law and criminology in Belgium or Italy. my Mum is single and not able to support me .looking for scholarship.

  • i m from afghanistan and i need to study gaynicology
    californiya and we can\’t pay and i m looking for a scholership thanks

  • hello I am Dypomyn Abraham.
    I am Ivorian and I am 20 years old.
    I am currently enrolled in a university in my country and I study psychology.
    Unfortunately it\’s been two years now that I\’m in this university and I have not even finished my first year.
    In fact, I am writing to beg you to offer me a free scholarship to study a field of my choice in a country like France.
    because for me my studies are very important.
    Thanks for your understanding .
    I look forward to being surprised

  • Greetings, I am zaldy cimafranca jr.
    I really need your help because my parents are gone now i need some financial assistance to finish my upcoming career which is maritime. I hope you read and understand my situation. Its a big help and oppurtunity to be inheld with this scholarship. I am courage to finish my career but it need financial needs. Thank you and god bless

  • Im Really In Need Of The Scholarship…Because I Want To Reach The Destiny Where I Am A Manager Of My Own Business And Helping Other Small Business In My Country And Across The World…And Also To Empower Women …Thank You

  • Hi Barry!
    Yes! Iam grateful to be considered for this scholarship opportunity, and should I be selected, I will use it to advance my medical education.
    You are improving the quality of life for countless families to come. I appreciate your consideration, and I look forward to building a lasting relationship with your organization.

  • I am really happy with this initiative.
    I like the fact that you are thinking about people in all perspectives because not all of us can afford to pay fees for their education……
    Thank you so much I wish I will be considered and selected for this scholarship.

  • Am interested to study with you abroad and make my dreams come true by getting a fully offered scholarship to study with you thus making my dreams come

  • Jveux jouir du fait que vous voulez aider les jeunes de mon âge et plus à réaliser leur rêves qu\’est d\’étudier à l\’étranger et apporter leur mains forte à leur pays

  • re: application for a scholarship

    good morning

    kindly assist me for a scholarship, i am an African and my home country is the Kingdom of Eswatini privious called Swaziland

  • hello, Am theophilus from kenya and requesting for a scholarship,
    Lookinf forward to your positive feedback
    regards Theophilus

  • I`m Raymond residing in Zambia, i need a scholarship to study civil engineering in Russia or any other country abroad.

  • I\’m Emmanuel Kuzenza a Tanzanian students, I need a scholarship to study environmental science and management, because I\’m unable to afford the requirements, please help me,
    I wish to study in any country between USA and UK with universities offering this program

  • I humply request for theological seminary study in university of Colombia USA .kindly needy.requesting for full scholarship.

  • I Fransina Iyambula, from Namibia i want a scholarship so that I can upgrade my knowledge I have, can you please give me the scholarship because my parents so too old they can not afford to pay for my study

    thanks alot

  • Hi,am Nsubuga Douglas a Ugandan student i need a scholarship to study a degree in business administrationadministration because i can\’t afford the requirements so please help me,I need to study in a country between USA or ENGLAND.it will be my great pleasure,thanks

  • Bonjour moi Ali Youssouf KHAMIS de la nationalité tchadienne je suis bachelier depuis 2015 et j\’aimerai poursuivre mes études en sciences mathématiques à l\’Université de monash à Melbourne c\’est pourquoi je demande votre feu vert pour m\’accorder cette bourse


  • hi,i can you find me scholarship in medecine?because i \’ve studied paramédical shool and i \’m Burundian

  • Plz guys help me with a scholarship .I\’m from Sikkim from humble family and I m currently studying at Attc bardang,East Sikkim in which I m unable to pay house rent by which my parents are about to take me out of college please provide me scholarship

  • Hi, I am Ishmael Kuluma from Kenya and I completed my high school education last year and I would like to join an international University to pursue a course in business administration. I would much grateful if you could help!

  • My name is Deride Jericho chimbaya, am from Malawi, aged 21, currently studying at the Lawi-Link but am unable to finish my school because of financial difficulties school payments was doing by myself, family chased me away because of some other family issues. Please am in need of this scholarship because i want to achieve my goal in life and am unable to afford the means to pay my college fees, am a brilliant student when it comes to studies. Thanks for understanding.

  • how can i get a chance to go out in a foreign country in pursuing of my m.phil degree..please grant me a scholar ship for carrying on my study and research.thanks

  • Halo am shakirah please help me find a full scholarship in a masters degree, I really want to do my masters though I have financial issues

  • I live in addis ababa ,Ethiopia. I want to learn masters degree in mechanical engineering in Europe or USA.

  • I am living in addis ababa ,Ethiopia. I want to learn masters degree in mechanical engineering in Europe or USA.

  • I am Lindokuhle Hlatshwayo from South Africa and a son of Major 1. The reason I felt the need to apply for this bursary is because I beleive that it can be very encouraging for a student such as myself to have the financial support from such an established company, it really would be a driving force for me to receive an opportunity of this magnitude because it would speak to the confidence you have in young minds such as myself. I beleive I am a hard worker and receiving a scholarship would give me the opportunity to prove just that and I trust you will take this application seriously and hope to be hearing from you very soon. Thank you for reading this. Shalom.

  • hello, my name is hani abdullahi duqow , from somalia.
    I want to get scholarship in degreee facalty of public health..

  • Hello Barry
    Thx alot for considering me at the scholarship
    Am Hillary Matovu from uganda pursuing a degree in science with education at mbarara university of science and technology but am out of tuition and administrative fees .
    Am humbly requesting your help so that I can make my dream come true.
    May the Lord bless you.
    Hope getting a positive response

  • please thnx for great work your doing for us to live a happyful life on the earth i beg you consider me i need to go for further studies especially
    i need to go for electrical automation system engineering
    am a ugandan,maleaged 23 years,single born on11/06/1996 am badly off pliz support me

  • May you live to be remembered.
    I am a Ugandan I request you consider me for further studies in master of business administration.

  • My name is Ms. Clotilda Claudia Harry from the Solomon Islands.
    I need for MBA on continues performance and people leadership and management degree studies for one year Diploma studies.

    Thank you

  • am by name magot garang , a south Sudanese by nationality and refugee from Uganda,please am really beg you for your assistance you are offering to people in need if there is opportunity

  • MynameisBirhanu Hinsermu Nemera. Iwanna tostudy energy Economics ,howeverIhave financial problem to filfillall requirements.
    Note: Iam from ETHIOPIA and graduated inEconomics from Wollega university

  • Hey sir i am looking for scholar ship abroad for better knowledge and experiance msc by civil engineering and related filed i am from ethiopia

  • Hi sir I am Jutowo J. Dolo from Liberia a student at Atlantic International University now looking for a scholarship to complete my study AIU .please me to complete my require study.

  • Good day sir, I am Evah from South Africa. I\’m asking for scholarship to further my studies. Your help will change my life for better and bring a lot of joy. Thank you.

  • Good day sir ,my name is Kyiran Chibuike. I need a scholarship so a can further my education and take care of my younger ones

  • Hello!
    My name is Jeremy Dela Cruz and I want to apply scholarship so that I would continue my studies and to help my parent to sustain my need in my collages Thanks

  • I am a Syrian student. I live in Turkey. I study at the University of Engineering College. The branch is electrical and electronic engineering. My financial situation is not good. I hope you can help me because I can not get the marks well because of my bad physical condition

  • Am student doing bachelor of Business Administration in Uganda at Kampala international university, I kindly need your help in terms of tuition

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